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The West ought to be criticized for 'taking advantage' of a famine.

Posted by: Dr. Cruel on July 29, 1999 at 13:14:18:

In Reply to: It was, but that hardly matters to Market Maoists... posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on July 28, 1999 at 17:36:51:

Ah, yes. The West ought to be criticized for 'taking advantage' of a famine. In, incidentally, the most powerful and technologically advanced Communist nation at the time. Again, my mistake ... state capitalism, yes?

Better to let this Behemoth, in possession of nuclear missiles and a massive army, slowly starve to death by virtue of their absurdly corrupt and imbecilic system. Such a brilliant idea, it is a wonder I did not see the rationality and moral strength of this concept sooner.

And why not? If crushing freedom and personal liberty forwards the cause of social justice, if murder and torture advance the well-being of the common man, so also such concern by unscrupulous entrepreneurs can only be seen for the wretched evil it so obviously is.

Perish the thought, that businessmen might see the suffering of others, and seek to profit by relieving it. Better the world fall into savagery, than suffer such a fate.

Lucky that the prosperous states have such concerned activists, so intent on addressing the evils of surplus wealth. And, as almost a proof of Divine Providence (we intellectuals know better, of course), these staltwart defenders of the people grow in numbers proportionate to the wealth at hand. What a curious coincidence.

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... Incidentally, why did so many Russians immigrate to the Baltic countries? What appeal did these coastal states offer to our good comrades, not to be had in the Motherland?

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