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Posted by: Nikhil Jaikumar ( Americans for Public Television, MA, USA ) on August 09, 1999 at 00:56:59:

In Reply to: So who DOES create the wealth? posted by Jason on August 08, 1999 at 14:08:34:

:Besides, the gov't owns the media, and if the media keeps its mouth shut, nobody ever knows, right? Just need to look back to Bosnia to show how a gov't controlled media is certainly NOT in the best interest of the people!

How many americans do you think know, just from reading the mass media, that the US was found guilty by teh World Court for illegally mining the harbors of a sovereign democracy during the '80s? or that teh US senr a warship to Bangladesh to support the Pakistani military who was massacring 3 million people? Or that the US interfered with elections in Guyana, Chile, Italy, etcetara. Ergo, corporate control over the mediaq is not a good thing. More fundamentally, if businesses ontrol the media, you can expect them to have a pro-business bias. If the people control teh media, you camn expect them to take the people's interest to heart.

: : 2:Capitalist firm's bureaucracies are subject to teh same laws as government bureaucarcies, and specifically empire building.

: Yes, capitalist firms are subject to the same laws... and what is your point here??? The government is probably one of the biggest lawbreakers in America. While excellent management at a corporation is keeping a tight ship (in most cases, but of course, there are exceptions), whoever is managing the government's operations couldn't give two flips if something isn't done right. The gov't doesn't have a gov't over it to press charges, or shareholders who could get upset.

: : : Shoot, under socialism, plane engines could be dying in mid-air, hundreds dying in fiery crashes, and it wouldn't bother the people who made them.

: : It would, and their interest would be to find out what went wrong, for a capitalist firm, like Union Carbide, or like tobacco firms, self-iterest lies in avoiding blame and avoiding responsibility- as UC has for many years, trying not to pay out compensation.

: Don't you think corporate management would want to know what went wrong??? They certainly don't want another big accident, because next thing you know your reputation is ruined and nobody wants anything to do with you or your company!

: Jason

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