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Not only twisted, but odd, too

Posted by: pi on August 19, 1999 at 17:44:08:

In Reply to: And when there's no more rich to 'eat'? posted by Dr. Cruel on August 19, 1999 at 01:02:53:

: I've seen Christians like Mr. Gort; their children, for some odd reason, never seem to go hungry. There are a number of single mothers that I am aware of that have children that are frequently hungry. Strangely again, that fraction of such single mothers possessing a strong Christian sense of responsibility, again, have children that are well fed (and well mannered to boot). What an odd coincidence.

Uh, are you suggesting that only Xtians are responsible people? How vulgar. Seems to me that the hungry can go to church all they want, but unless loaves and fishies fall from the rafters, they're still going to be hungry.

: I am also aware of institutions and federal programs, run by experts certified as such by their liberal brethren, that seem practically gifted in churning out all sorts of 'hungry' children. Many are involved in prostitution, crime, and drug marketing and use. Virtually all of them learn their trades in these institutions and programs. Yet again, another puzzling conundrum.

Wow, that's quite a statement. I will now call you a bald-faced liar, and ask that you somehow document such a bizarre assertion. Explain to me how a program like Food Not Bombs encourages prostitution. Your whole paragraph is empty rhetoric, isn't it?

: The rich that I am aware of seem always to be involved in some enterprize or another; either running a business (or starting one), performing duties for some evil corporation or other, or exploiting some clever idea of theirs. Their most criminal act seems to be accumulating the resulting wealth generated by their efforts, rather than frittering it away - or giving it happily to yet another pet cause or debacle of the Left. Strange.

Well then there now, explain me sumpin' else. Just where exactly does the profit come from? Does it just magically appear? Can you talk to me about the creation of surplus-value which is necessary to yield a profit? Perhaps it's not just some nifty idea that is being exploited, huh? After all, until and Idea meets Labor, it doesn't generate profit, does it? In fact, nothing really does, come to think of it.

: I'm simply not getting it I suppose. Perhaps when I can understand why someone like Castro is such a hero, I'll understand. I am of course afraid that it would take entirely too much twisting to make sense of this tripe, and I am so very much against the twisted. Give me time, my comrades, give me time.

I don't know, Cruel, you seem to be pretty comfortable twisting things around. Maybe you can explain why Cuba has a 97% literacy rate, while the great US of A doesn't. Now, I'm not about to defend Democratic Centralism, but I'm sure not gonna use as broad a brush as you, either. Further down, you say that Castro is rascist, but that's just a lie, really. In fact, Castro was condemning aparthied while the US was still doing business there. Castro also talks about Cuba as not just a Latin American nation, but an Afro-American nation, as well. Fidel is no saint, to be sure, but the least you could do is criticize him for something of which he's guilty. Yeesh!


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