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No McSpotlight, no one deserves that fate

Posted by: Nikhil Jaikumar ( DSA, MA, USA ) on August 20, 1999 at 10:47:00:

In Reply to: And when there's no more rich to 'eat'? posted by Dr. Cruel on August 19, 1999 at 01:02:53:

: I've seen Christians like Mr. Gort; their children, for some odd reason, never seem to go hungry. There are a number of single mothers that I am aware of that have children that are frequently hungry. Strangely again, that fraction of such single mothers possessing a strong Christian sense of responsibility, again, have children that are well fed (and well mannered to boot). What an odd coincidence.

: I am also aware of institutions and federal programs, run by experts certified as such by their liberal brethren, that seem practically gifted in churning out all sorts of 'hungry' children. Many are involved in prostitution, crime, and drug marketing and use. Virtually all of them learn their trades in these institutions and programs. Yet again, another puzzling conundrum.

: The rich that I am aware of seem always to be involved in some enterprize or another; either running a business (or starting one), performing duties for some evil corporation or other, or exploiting some clever idea of theirs. Their most criminal act seems to be accumulating the resulting wealth generated by their efforts, rather than frittering it away - or giving it happily to yet another pet cause or debacle of the Left. Strange.

: I'm simply not getting it I suppose. Perhaps when I can understand why someone like Castro is such a hero, I'll understand. I am of course afraid that it would take entirely too much twisting to make sense of this tripe, and I am so very much against the twisted. Give me time, my comrades, give me time.

: "Doc" Cruel

: P.S. I like Mandela. Why? He places the interests of South Africans above that of the "World Communist Revolution". He is on decent terms with South African industrialists, and maintains good relations with Cuba simultaneously. He is a friend to the MPLA in Angola, but employs the mercenaries of EO; his interests again lie here, not in propping up a ruthless regime, but in stopping the reason behind the bleeding of immigrant labor into South Africa from this war-torn nation. Above politics, his judgement is sound. Castro is simply a petty thug, who rules his island by force and intimidation, and by the occasional call to a provincial racism in the area. His frequent stunts make him nothing but contemptible.

: My prediction is that the African nation will do better than the Caribbean one, blockade or no. Just another of my ' pompous buffoon' based hunches, but again, one you can bet on profitably.

: ____________
: McSpotlight adds:
: No, you're right - you clearly don't get do you ... though all of us here sincerely hope that one day you do, in spoonfulls, from the back of a soup-kitchen truck and wrapped in charity blankets.

No McSpotlight, poverty in America is such a miserable fate that you shouldn't wish it on nayone. This is one of the few countries where if you do wind up wraopped in charity blankets, not only do you starve and shiverr, but you are treated with contempt by the callous rest of society. I'm not a Christian, but if JEsus is coming, he is going to be PISSED at how well we Americans take care of our destitute brothrs. All thanks to Mr. Ronald Reagan and his ilk. Dr. Cruel does not deserve such torture, nor does anyoen else.

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