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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party, UK ) on August 20, 1999 at 13:04:59:

In Reply to: Deary me, yours sincerely posted by Gee on August 20, 1999 at 10:51:50:

: Them poisoning me? How do they force the poison down me?
By Supplying fualty goods, in breach of contract and their duty of care- caveat emptor makes for public health...

:Whilst it seems most reasonable, how is this not assuming guilt prior to it being established in action?

It implies no guilt, merely standards which have to be met, the failure to meet of which, can be construed as guilt, and neglect of duty of care.

: No choice for the toy maker. Whether he disfavors blacks or favors his families children his choices are being dictated by a strict system which explicitly denies him a choice is disposing his individual skills and treats them and him as it would iron ore reserves - as a community resource for the use of.

No, he can deploy his skills as he pleases, may make what he pleases, hoowever, since the things he makes them of and with do not belong to him, more properly he cannot claim to own his produce.

: You can test your rationality. if one person believes he can fly an you do not - the more rational belief is demonstrable by test.

Correct, but we can only test the functioning of democracy y enacting democracy.

: Far more complete and specific to your brain and sensory inputs. You will only know others by experiencing them via yourself. Your self knowledge is primary, knowledge of others follows this.

But my primary knowledge of self, a lá Jacque Lacan's mirror stage, is via others- in that I only recognise that I have self through reflection, seeing myself mirrored in others. I may have the 'direct *experiences*', and sensory inputs, but I can only make sense of them through the symbollic/observable structures around me, and through teh actions of others.

: We know different 'most people' then, and I wouldnt even say I was in what you might call a privilaged class.

Hmmm, that may be an English attitude to work- people want to be able to work to fulfill their desires, but end up in fast food places, doing temp work, etc,. until they get their 'real' career, etc.

: And hence he agrees to make toys for those whith whom he wishes to deal.

Which is fair enough, but if he works at the community toy maufacture...

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