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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party, UK ) on August 20, 1999 at 13:12:59:

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: Yes, but if our litigious culture and the O.J. trial have taught me anything, it's that the indefensible isn't really and almost ANY position in an argument can be won if its defender is savvy enough. So, though I enjoy the adversarial system occasionally, I don't really trust it.

Well, court cases have various biases put in, (i.e. innocent until guilty beyond reasonable doubt, etc.), and have biases for wealth (i.e. guilt or innocence aside, he would have been convisted if poor), but here its all down to strength of case, plus a bit of skill in ducking tricky points...

: I did find a book called Demanding the Impossible? : Human Nature and Politics in Nineteenth-Century Social Anarchism by David Morland. Is this it?



Demanding the impossible : a history of anarchism.

Fontana, 1993. - 767p.

I also forgot to add-
Culture and Imperialism by Edward Said- which is a tour de-force of intelectual honesty, rigour and remnant humanism.

Regarding the URL's, sorry, they work for me, perhaps its they are only available internally to Lancaster, if you'd really like to read them- Arthur Ransomes articles on the Russian Revolution, e-mail me- I can send them, but they are *big*....perhaps you library stocks them in Hard Copy...

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