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better books

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on August 24, 1999 at 12:27:43:

In Reply to: Sounds good. posted by Red Deathy on August 24, 1999 at 01:02:21:

: Strangely not, you still getting way more than any bugger else.

A well fed slave is still a slave.

: Oh, yeah, our car prices are through the roof, but thats above the value in Europe, looks like the old right hand side steering wheel's been providing some excuses for a little cartelery- they've all just been seriously knacked for it, Volvo promise not to do it again...

I read about that. Seems erstwhile reporters and TV presenters had a go. Ofcourse I imagine Tony Blair et al will claim the glory. What really made it possible was information freely disseminated.

: 1:The argument used is that its not teh government, its society as a whole supporting such arts as would not get commercial funding.

Then 'society', or more accurately those individuals who want it can support it. those who dont are not obliged to.

: 2:Central tendancy is similar to businesses trying to get teh best premises on the high street, further, people suppliment their viewing needs via books, magazines, viedos, or other media.

The more the merrier.

: 3:Of those 200 channels, the vast majority will tend towards light entertainment- the apparent US phenomena of being able to watch the simpsons all day on a different channel each time (so i've been told), etc.

I dont watch those kinds of channels. There is a mass of quality TV too. One can choose.

: 5:TV has gone downhill badly since its been comercialised.

An opinion. I think its always going uphill, but you have to look harder and be more selective to get the best. Just like the internet.

: Depends, we have publically funded Libraries (theres a big public service element in Library work- liekwise local authority work), but there's private and university libraries out there...

Go for the latter. Gaurantee they'll have better books!

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