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You passing then?

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on August 24, 1999 at 12:37:38:

In Reply to: For people with at least double-digit IQs posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on August 24, 1999 at 00:59:41:

I thought you'd deride IQ as being racist or something appropriately 'liberal'.

: SDF: Oh well it must be the truth then.

At least then you accept that asserting NBC as truth is dubious, well done.

: SDF: Anarcho-capitalism is a phony ideal through and through. Capitalist competition needs government to make sure the competitors don't get out of hand. Without it, capitalist competition will always degenerate into a regime of theft and syndicates. There is something to the possiblity of socialism, though its realization is far far away.

A series of unsupported assertions.

: SDF: That's not sharing. Sharing is a personal commitment.

And its what people do with other people they *choose* to share with.

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