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New Age Bible-Thumping

Posted by: borg on August 31, 1999 at 13:20:20:

The notion of the devil (corporation) as the incarnation of evil began to take form, and with it the strife against all those who were thought to take his orders and follow his commands. Convicted witches (corporations) were to be heavily finedů.The new tendency actively fostered investigation of all possible and impossible allegations, and freely used torture (lawsuits) to obtain confessions. The punishment was death in the most horrible forms, usually by burning (not quite yet), and the Church (lawyers and bureaucrats) as well as the accuser shared in the financial assets of the victims. Thereby, the path was opened for easy enrichment for some, and hysterical satisfaction for the masses.

This state of affairs could intrude at any moment upon rich or poor, man or woman; everyone was at the mercy of some greedy, vengeful, or simply envious informer (plaintiff). People lived in constant insecurity and terror. Their thus inflamed fantasies created hallucinations that readily accepted, or even improved upon, those fed to them daily from the pulpit (politicians and academics) These delusions claimed, until their extinction, hundreds of thousands of innocent victims. --A description of Catholic witch hunts in the 14th century. Terms in brackets bring the statement up to date for modern America.

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