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If answered, i say it agian! blind ones!

Posted by: Drack ( USA ) on August 31, 1999 at 13:24:06:

The fact of the matter is, in a Market economy, the hardest workers and the ones with the most drive and ambition are the ones who live well. On the other hand there is the question of the disabled and mobility of recources. In a command type economy all problems would be solved if there was a massive pooling of recources to one central government who spread them equally among the people. The problem there is, where is the work incentive if your recieving what you need with no questions asked... The only way to make a command economy work is by turning people into virtual slaves in order to get them to do whats best for everyone. In one case you might have someone who doesnt want to work.... they do it anyways, half-assed, and recieve the same amount of goods that the workaholic does. In a market economy the one who works succeeds which seems like an ideal condition except in 3rd world countries there is an overabundance of population wich leads to overabundance of pay because of overfilling of job placement. if there were a way to distribute wealth among a smaller group of people in a certain area then that would be ideal. But in order to do that one must space the people exactly which also is impossible because some land is desert, some land is ice. that would mean you would have to adhere to the needs of the people as far as climate and such and there would obviously be problems there due to a certain group of people wanting to inhabit land that is in scarce supply... figure out the answers to all of these problems and more and youve got yourself a nice number of semi-happy non-full potential robots inhabiting this rock we call earth.
Im only 17 years old but there are certain things that are hard not to see when there are a whole bunch of politically driven blind men pushing their weight around in order to satisfy a small group of rich pricks who think they know it all.

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