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On revolution

Posted by: Insomniac on August 31, 1999 at 13:35:51:

Violent revolution has not and can not be used to create a truly egalitarian society. The sudden power vacuum upon successful overthrow is almost guaranteed to lead to some sort of arrogance and egocentrism among the small group of revolutionaries.

The organization for revolution must be built from the ground up, til the State finds itself bereft of authority. If we want world wide socialism or whatever, we have to live socially now. This means giving up some measure of individual liberty. Since we have few examples to follow, this means we have to experiment to find out what works and what doesn't. Failure is not a setback but an exerience from which to learn, which is why I find history so fascinating, seeing what has worked and what hasn't. This is why many of us are at this point, because by examining history we believe we understand ways in which to make life better. The key point of the state is its resistance to change, to maintain the status quo. This is an extreme liability when virtually everything else is in a rapid state of change. We must be willing to experiment and to accept failure as a learning opportunity. Enshrining particular concepts is something to be wary of, like the marxism cults for example. If an implementation of an idea doesn't work, then it doesn't work regardless of who came up with it, and something new or several new things should be tried.

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