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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party, UK ) on August 31, 1999 at 15:20:30:

In Reply to: The Ayn Rand 'Cult', and Marxist Rhetoric. posted by Dr Cruel on August 31, 1999 at 13:31:21:

: The Enlightenment created for many an opportunity to generate substantial amounts of producted goods, of all sorts. Reasoned thinking, coupled with the trend towards individuality, made for a highly successful combination.

Except the productive forces unleashed individuality for a few, but submerged it for the many who were committed to the machines and factories and the division of labour.

: Objectivism uses reasoned argument to refute this sentiment. The presumption is that those that make something own it. To a Marxist, this is blasphemy;

Actually, that is the basis of the marxist case, the point is that wealth is produced socially now, as the forces of production expand, no one person can claim to be the producer any-more. this is in contradiction with the claims of ownership by rich individuals. Production is socialised, appropriation is privatised.

Look in a factory, many workers build, say- a car- they are not paid for *what* they produce, they are not given the value of their produce, they are paid the value of their labour power, the cost of maintaining and reproducing their own kills. the owner of the plant, the share holder, who does not work, take the value of what is produced.

:the very concept of "ownership" itself makes Marxist-style appropriation of the "owned" quite difficult. It is thus that the Left is so adamant at attacking and stamping out this philosophical system, while at the same time declaring it moribund and of little serious concern.

Individual ownership is indeed, in contradiction with socialised production, hence why it goes...

: Were the authority of said MArxist more extensive, there would of course be little need for such arguments, as the actions of the appropriate "liquidation committees" Would be most effective in silencing inopportune dissent. This would all be justified in the name of the "people", that materialistic simulcrum of the old medeival Biblical ideology.

Again the unsubstantiated ad hominem. Again I remind the doctor that the aim of socialism is to return to the worker the fruits of their labour whether by hand or by brain (sounds familiar?). the aim is to end any group claiming the surplus product, and instead socialising appropriation along with production.

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