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Posted by: bill on September 02, 1999 at 11:29:54:

In Reply to: And on... posted by Red Deathy on September 01, 1999 at 12:26:06:

<<:What would falsify Marxism?>>

Well yes, Marx was very good at describing the nature of capitalism. He has revealed a structure which has imposed an abysmal ethical system upon a majority who live under its mandate. Recognizing this structural injustice, it would be natural to seek alternatives, particularly those that address those horrible shortcomings . But to couch these in the semi-metaphysical language of historical necessity or the working out of the dialectic...seems unnecessary. I'm all for presenting utopian ideals. Some catch on, others don't. (Modern businesses are always going off to some retreat or other to formulate a new "vision plan")

I'm still a socialist...mainly because of issues relating to ethical concerns surrounding what's called the "human condition". Such issues as alienation, injustice, and plain physical want, must be addressed in such a way that promotes the entire spectrum of creative potential without being endangered by whatever the structure such a system might impose. Thus, arguments about Centralism are useful only in so far as they address All the ethical concerns.

I doubt that a recognition of the intricate relationship we have with our environment is the result of "historical advancement". What I am sure about is that any "utopian" vision for a new (and rational) model will have to include an environmental sensibility in its formulation.

<: SDF: When Hamilton, Madison, and Jay sat down to write The Federalist, they didn't just say "we'll have a democracy, of course," and leave it at the popular will to form democracies. There had to be an idea of process, they understood.>

(...an idea of process that would serve to constrain a democracy in favor of property rights of course)

I don't think beating down the walls without some personal vision is a prescription for future success.

<... all that matters is the knowledge that people *are* capable of enacting such a system,>

While I share the trust and idea that the people are perfectly capable of enacting a system, a people who share a vision are much less apt to have that system co-opted by liars.

<...that the interests of the bvast majority will be in enacting such a system.>

I don't know, but were it not for the fascists of Spain and Germany, as well as the Communists, the experiment in Spain might have lasted a lot longer than the Paris Commune - primarily because the people on the ground had a good idea of where they wanted to go Before the revolution.

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