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What has happened in Canada

Posted by: Brian Walsh ( The Workers Party, Ireland ) on September 06, 1999 at 12:57:38:

In Reply to: The GST in Canaduh posted by Quincunx on August 20, 1999 at 22:24:55:

What has happened in Canada has also Happened in Ireland back in 1972 when the then Government at the time deceided to introduce the VAT Value Added Tax when Ireland along with Britain and Denmark jioned the EEC now know as the EU European Union,so we as tax payers have at one stage had to pay almost 60% of our income to the government via PAYE (Pay As You Earn 48%)PRSI (Pay Related Social Insurance 12%)aswell as VAT on anything we bought approx 10% - 25% on to the price and yet we are still have one of the worst hospital waiting list's in the EU and a poor Education system and one of the worst public housing crisis in the world also to add insult to injury we have a massive national debt of over $40 billion.Yet the ecconomic experts are saying that Ireland's ecconomy is one of the best in the EU.While so many people living in Ireland both in the Republic and in Northern Ireland are below the poverty line.

: M_F: What is the deal here? Yes, I know Australia is one of those places no-one ever talks about, but have you stopped to take a peak at what the govt is doing to us over here? Already we are one of the most over-taxed nations in the wold, and yet they're introducing a GST! Yes, of course this will bring down the income tax rates, but some of the stuff is just over the top.

: Qx: In Canada, the GST was introduced by a pseudo-conservative clone by the name of Brian Mulroney under the pretext that it would serve as a good substitute for the then existing manufacturer's sales tax. Of course these politicos had to also claim that it would help finance payments on the national deficit. What a crock!

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