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Rational Resentment #2

Posted by: Winslow Wacker ( USA ) on September 06, 1999 at 17:55:56:

In Reply to: Mumble Velocity vs. Stumping Power posted by Quincunx on September 04, 1999 at 21:28:28:

: Qx: This seeems to be nothing more than a crass outpouring of irrational resentments at people who more likely than not are not even socialists.

No. It's quite rational. It comes from experiencing the vain, intolerant, and presumptuous attitudes of people who call themselves socialists (whether or not they know what what socialism is) and concluding that their isolation from the majority of working people is self-imposed. I think socialists like Quincunx and Lark are fine examples of this negative attitude toward working people in general, white american, male workers in particular. But it's not limited to these two hacks. For example: the New Unionist printed an article a couple years back which opposed affirmative action. It then went on to assume that the vast majority of people who oppose affirmative action are "racist, sexist, macho,..." Different from those were "A few, including New Unionists" who opposed affirmative action out of purer motives. But most working people know and understand how destructive competition for jobs is - they know when they are being played against each other. If the New Unionist understood that affirmative action was a scam, why did they assume that other working people didn't. Another example: Winslow prefers an affinity group strategy (as opposed to unions) so Quincunx calls him a "phony, capitalist newspeaker who doesn't care about the world". (Incidently, I am baffled as to why Quincunx, who obviously holds to the axiom that "the emancipation of wage-workers is the task of wage-workers themselves", would label attempts at extension and expansion of wage-workers' self-activities as supplementing capital's acts at fragmenting wage-workers. Go figure. Quincunx would do better to read Stan Weir or the history of the Kamunist Kranti/Collectivities group in Faridabad, India) Or how about Lark's use of words like "fascist" and "racist" when some libertarian type disagrees on an issue like gun control. I consider it the height of vanity to assume that someone doesn't care about the world because they disagree with your position. And I think most socialists have no one to blame but themselves for their marginalized existence. It seems they want it this way. Red Deathy, on the other hand, is one cool cat.

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