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Socialism of H.G. Wells

Posted by: R Rockliff ( USA ) on September 07, 1999 at 16:18:15:

I have recently read several works of H.G. Wells and have been thoroughly convinced of the correctness of most of his political views. Until this time, I had been growing less and less satisfied with capitalism, but now, having read Wells, I am convinced that I am a socialist, at least in the sense that Wells was a socialist. I note that modern socialism (the cells with which I have become acquainted) are very unlike Wellsian Socialism in that (among other things) they think that democracy and socialism are somehow necessarily connected ideas (which Wells repeatedly and articulately denied). Does anybody reading this know of any active (at least intellectually) organizations which adhere to Wellsian Socialism? Finally, if there are any genuine Wellsian Socialists out there, then please email me.

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