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When Galt's Gulch becomes a ghetto ...

Posted by: Dr. Cruel on September 08, 1999 at 10:58:43:

In Reply to: A GNU anarchism emerges posted by bill on September 03, 1999 at 12:21:27:

I detest LINUX. It is cumbersome, amateurish, and difficult to work with. SCO is obviously an unfinished product.

And yes, of course I am grateful for the wretched thing. Communism by capital is almost as burdensome as communism by gun barrel. Why would I think otherwise? Which is why, of course, I always buy AMD processors (the cost, of course, having nothing to do with my most self-sacrificing decision. Of course.)

So Marx was indeed correct - just not as he has anticipated. It is not control of the means of production that ultimately spells the end of bourgeouis dominance, but rather (get this) the control over the means of consumption, a far more important element in a modern industrialized and prosperous economy. Indeed, unlike the prose of Aushwitz ... It is not Work that makes one Free, but ... Play. Yes?

If I get a chance, I'll look your author up.

"Doc" Cruel

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