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Is there your idea of justice?

Posted by: David on September 09, 1999 at 00:46:31:

In Reply to: That kind of post is pure propaganda posted by Lark on September 01, 1999 at 16:11:24:

: Right the problem with this type of post is well known, change a word here and there and what have you:

: The notion of the devil (socialist administration) as the incarnation of evil began to take form, and with it the strife against all those who were thought to take his orders and follow his commands. Convicted witches (socialists) were to be heavily finedů.The new tendency actively fostered investigation of all possible and impossible allegations, and freely used torture (libel) to obtain confessions. The punishment was death in the most horrible forms, usually by burning (yes now), and the Church (Markets and their elites) as well as the accuser shared in the financial assets of the victims. Thereby, the path was opened for easy enrichment for some, and hysterical satisfaction for the masses.

The difference between the two versions goes beyond the differences you ascribed. First of all, Borg's post was more accurate of todays times than yours. The Sherman act is is completely subjective and can be manipulated to the point where any corporation can be accused of forming a monopoly. Very similar to the "laws" the inquisitors used to find heathens. There is no way to win, if you price below the average you are accused of "destructive" competition, if youraise your prices above exceptable standards you are accused of succesful intent to monopolize, if you sell at the same market price as everyone else, than you are accused of collusion. Kind of like how they used to throw accused witches into a lake; if they swam they were a witch, if they drowned they were innocent. Is there your idea of justice?

In fact, this sort of pricing pridicament actually causes exploitation. If a company cannot make its profit by selling at higher rates, they make a profit by cutting production prices. This leads to less than favorable work conditions and smaller wages.

: See how your now a left wing lampuner of the lassiz faire thinkers borg?

: That kind of post is pure propaganda man, it isnt even funny, and it relies on the ability to define reality EG all my views are realistic, logical and reasonable everything else is unrealistic or religious/irrational.

: It's a marked lack of respect for others on your part Borg that you'd think my ideas so illegitimate, I at least extend you the curtosy of empathising with your position on certain issues and points.

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