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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on September 10, 1999 at 21:57:55:

In Reply to: McSpotlight is not competing for profit (or anything else) posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on September 10, 1999 at 00:11:34:

: SDF: Actually, in each case where I've used the word "dodged," there was a point where you dared to disagree with me, then, instead of actually addressing the issue I mentioned, you decided to digress into some sort of small-talk. Jacobson, for his part, like to dodge RD's points by claiming RD's terms were "illegitimate," then of course he ignored me when I showed that RD had a right to talk in terms of social class.

This just refers me back to repeating my prvious comment. Youre assertions about my posts are offered as if they are something more than your particular opinions, they are not.

: SDF: There is no competition, only McSpotlight's generosity. McSpotlight is making NO money off of this, therefore the importation of the capitalist model to the Debating Room is illegitimate.

The competition doesnt have to be intentional or profit seeking to be actual. If the same forum was not listed at yahoo, or there was another providor wich had attracted the posters time and effort there would be les activity here. A surfer looking for forums has many to choose from and will post to only a few, given the time it takes.

I'm surprised you equated competition with the necessity of making dolar profits.

McSpotlight: To be honest, Gee, the activity in the Debating Rooms really isn't that important to McSpotlight as a whole; our major point is the amount of information we have in the archives. I'm not saying it isn't pleasant for y'all to be here; or that we're in any way tired of the DR, but it's not the prime reason for McSpotlight.

And I think we can claim safely that no other website has as much information on McDonald's as we do...

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