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capitalistic murder

Posted by: jeremy cook ( u.s.a ) on September 14, 1999 at 20:12:27:

in response to the idiot who thinks we are so luck ....you are correct we are somewhat lucky to live here in response to the poverty issue...but have you ever wondered why we are always on top?!

i have spent much time in central america..and in order for these people to survivr capitalism they must be underpaid and under fed...people work in fertile fields and still starve to death for our products maybe our country isn't poor..but we control the 3rd worlds fate and it has to stop..we do not have the right to diminish countries...3rd worlds are here due to capitalism we make them spend all their money for arms and then turn around and put retarded commercials in the public to give them food...but they could have the food if we did not take their money...it just amazes me how 80% of our products are imported and yet these coutries are still poor eventhough they make alot of money from exportation....by the way as long as there is classism there is no equality...so no i do not feel lucky for being an american you ever wonder why when you go to other countries they hate americans?because our govt doesn't mind it's own business...we commit ecocide constantly and our run by money hungry corporations...

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