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Yep, you are.

Posted by: Samuel Day Fassbinder ( Citizens for Mustard Greens, USA ) on September 15, 1999 at 22:37:12:

In Reply to: Clear as mud. posted by Frenchy on September 14, 1999 at 19:51:25:

: : SDF: Universities are still selling a product for a profit, this makes them capitalistic. The fact of the matter is that young people are still told that they will be more likely to get a well-paying job if they have a bachelor's degree, whether this degree is "marketable" or not, and that they will enjoy life more and make more "connections" if they go to college. Parents buy into this logic heavily.f

: And IF the student and the parent choose an area of study that is in demand, such as math, computer science, etc, the logic will probably prove out. If some kid is going to go into 'ethnic studies', then he will learn soon enough that he has knowledge that is, for all intents and purposes, useless.

SDF: By this logic the Ethnic Studies departments should have closed long ago. Did they?

: : The fact that "nobody forces young people to attend college" ignores the fact that almost everyone is forced to participate in capitalism. I wish I had the right to choose otherwise.

: So Sam, what is it precisely that forces you to participate in capitalism? Are the borders not open?

SDF: Can you leave the country and choose to live in another one?

: Is the force real or is it hyperbole? Are you one of those who lives in quiet desparation? What is it that holds you back from renouncing your citizenship and moving to South Africa, a socialist paradise.

SDF: Is your idea that South Africa a "socialist paradise" real, or hyperbole? What evidence do you have to support this idea?

: I'm interested, could you clarify?

SDF: Global capitalism has conquered every country.

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