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Then go and apply at the Cato Institute

Posted by: Quincunx on September 16, 1999 at 00:37:02:

In Reply to: Ive done my Bolivian poetry BA now I want $$$ posted by Gee on September 14, 1999 at 01:33:17:

After all, aren't you one of those 'noble intellectuals' who didnt stoop to learning engineering / accounting / software writing or any of those horrid things that get you a job? Perhaps you could sell your skills to these guys.

You could even say that you're a "Bolivia expert" and do what you can to justify the current economic policies of that nation's ruling elite. C'mon Gee. How about it? I think you would be great. After a while you could even become a "Latin America" expert even though there's probably more people with more knowledge of Latin America pursuing janitorial careers nearby.

G: The key phrase was "in disciplines that are not valued by capitalist societies", such as a BA in Bolivian poetry perhaps? Where there is little demand for the knowledge except among some people with convergent interests. I think the concept would have been more convincing if the phrase was "who endeavoured to study in subjects that would not lead to high payed employment".

Qx: Let's see. We should all try to be MBA's and help screw up the economy even more wouldn't that be great Gee?

G: This makes it more realisticially a matter of choice for the prospective student, to gather knowledge about what happens post study, and which skills are likely to result in which jobs / salaries. Then we can observe the student not as valient but doomed rebel against capitlaism, but merely as someone who chose from a menu what to study.

Qx: There you go about choice again. Of course this could turn into another 100K long debate over abstractions. Gee, encouraging comformity is what you've just done. That's not abstract. That's corporatist thinking at work. Besides, think of all the blue-collar jobs that have become redundant even though there's plenty of people who studied long and hard at trade schools. Would you like to accuse them of studying Bolivian poetry?

I'm doing OK. Once I get a degree within my specialized niche I have a pretty good idea what I can do to earn a living.

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