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Yeah, right. You know me personally?

Posted by: Farinata ( L'inferno ) on September 20, 1999 at 03:31:32:

In Reply to: Dour, moralistic, superior, annointed and deep down, envious. posted by Frenchy on September 20, 1999 at 02:58:22:

: Frankly you sound like another left wing enviro-loon.
: That's fine.

B.Sc. from the Department of Space and Climate Physics. I do at least have some qualifications on which to base my statements.

By the way, have you read GEO-2000 by the UN Environment Programme - it was released last week.

Key conclusions;

"The continued poverty of the majority of the planet's inhabitants and excessive consumption by the minority are the two major causes of environmental degradation.

The present course is unsustainable, and postponing action is no longer an option.

A ten-fold reduction in resource consumption in the industrialised countries is a necessary long-term target if adequate resources are to be released for the needs of developing countries."


"Despite successes on various fronts, time for a rational, well-planned transition to a sustainable system is running out fast. In some areas, it has already run out."


"If present consumption patterns continue, two out of every three persons on Earth will live in water-stressed conditions by the year 2025."


"Exposure to hazardous chemicals has been implicated in numerous adverse effects on humans from birth defects to cancer. Global pesticide use results in 3.55 million acute poisonings a year."


" Some 20 per cent of the world's susceptible drylands are affected by human-induced soil degradation, putting the livelihoods of more than 1 000 million people at risk."


" Tropical forest destruction has gone too far to prevent irreversible damage. It would take many generations to replace the lost forests, and the cultures that have been lost with them can never be replaced."


"Many of the planet's species have already been lost or condemned to extinction because of the slow response times of both the environment and policy-makers; it is too late to preserve all the biodiversity our planet once had."


"Many marine fisheries have been grossly over-exploited, and their recovery will be slow.

More than half of the world's coral reefs are threatened by human activities. While some may yet be saved, it is too late for many others.

Urban air pollution problems are reaching crisis dimensions in many of the megacities of the developing world, and the health of many urban dwellers has been impaired.

It is probably too late to prevent global warming as a result of increased greenhouse gas emissions; in addition, many of the targets agreed on in the Kyoto Protocol may not be met."

This is the considered opinion of the 100+ countries that form the UN Environment Panel; all of them obviously "left wing enviro-loons".

: You can wait for the climate to do what ever it's supposedly going to do and I'm still gonna drive my SUV to 7-11 for a corn-dog and to MacDonalds after that for a Big Mac.

Sorry, you ain't going to for much longer.

(I actually mean that. It does distress me to think of what conditions are going to be like when the shit hits the fan; I don't get off on suffering of any sort, regardless of my feelings towards the person suffering.)

: Who was that guy who predicted tha t the world was gonna run out of commodities in a book that he wrote in the late 60's? Enviro-wackos have cried wolf too often. I'm all for paving over the jungles and making parking lots out of them for K-Marts, not because I like K-Marts, but just to watch people like you go ballistic.

If you're that deprived of enjoyment in your life I suggest you get out more; and realise that that sort of pointless behaviour goes out of fashion beyond the age of 16.

: Take your social ethics to their logical conclusions and simply unburden the world of one wasteful human.

OK. Prepare to die.

: Your a modern day Puritan. Dour, moralistic, superior, annointed and deep down, envious.

*snigger* that's a damn good one. I'm having a ball, actually; it's just that I'd like my kids to have one, too.

(when I get around to having kids, that is.)


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