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Yeah, & why

Posted by: PinochetMustDie on September 27, 1999 at 01:13:47:

In Reply to: Samuel Day Fassbinder posted by DonS on July 29, 1999 at 13:12:14:

: Hey SDF, are you an anarchist socialist or a statist?

: If the later, why would I work for the system under global socialism?

Yeah, & "Citizens for Mustard Greens"?

1. What are Mustard Greens? Gil Scott-Heron made reference to them in a poem but other than that I have never heard of them.

2. Is this a cute reference to co-operative food production.

I know you are not keen on Lenin. I rather like the guy. Depending on how active the establishment is against you, effects how secretive you have to be. Unfortunatly, secrecy is incompatable with the party running democratically.

My personal experience of Leninist organistation/Democratic Centralisim.

Been involved with a number of organisations. Only one of which was not a Marxist party, apart from the unions I have joined. The party I am involved in at the moment is runs pretty well. It is not a Marxist party. Various measures of secrecy short of having being a secrety society and members not being known to each other. Party Program etc - no dogma although some individuals do have it to varying degrees.

Previous parties I have been involved/had dealings with. Mostly Trot, mostly stuffed. I'm a trot by the way. Stuffed because they do not handle internal discussion vary well, nor are they principled in the way they deal with other groups.

The upshot is democracy isn't so much as impracticle but a threat to the various Central Committees. Because of the latter, democracy becomes especially important.

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