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Posted by: Lark ( Next Fear ) on September 27, 1999 at 01:29:18:

In Reply to: Samuel Day Fassbinder posted by DonS on July 29, 1999 at 13:12:14:

: Hey SDF, are you an anarchist socialist or a statist?

Just as being completely wedded to pragmatism is a bit lame being completely wedded to ideology, in a psuedo-religious manner, is lame too. Absolutely no one is going to thank you if your continuing to force an agenda that is either so remote it's a deception or based on faith more than reality (the enlightenment stopped the unqualified worship of dieties it's a pity it had to add another to the list of Gods in the form of the "invisible hand of the Market").

In certain circumstances I'd say that SDF would be either one of these or all of them, like I would, take Chomsky even the Anarchist that would like to see greater government regulation and is a member of the "Statist" DSA, fanatical adherence to labels and principles is not politics or progress it's a deceptive personal crusade.

: If the later, why would I work for the system under global socialism?

Well you work to employers dont you? The difference between the privately owned command economy and the publicly owned command economy is that one is marginally accountable and increasingly completely unaccountably (the privately owned command economy of Machavellian capitalists and ruthless competitors)the other, provided it is established through democratic (that is true democracy, Persuasion not elective despotism or the actions of Machavellian politicians), libertarian and preferably pacifist agitiation, can only be accountable and then increasingly more accountable as activist rather than marginal democracy develops.

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