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One RR will always be the equivilant of ten thousand phony intellectuals

Posted by: Frenchy on September 27, 1999 at 01:39:04:

In Reply to: Meet the real news, Frenchy. posted by Farinata on September 20, 1999 at 02:42:03:

: : : Do you have any exmaple of where this worked at ensuring a better standrd of living for the majority of epopel. even one?

: :
: : Yeah, a place called the U.S.A., the economy took off in the early eighty's and is still going great guns. Had something to do with the Reagan tax cuts.

: 1. The infant mortality rate per capita is lower in Havana than it is in Washington D.C.

: 2. 15 million Americans were suffering from T.B. in 1997; the rate of infection per year is lower in Kenya (22,930) than it is in the U.S. (26,000).

: 3. Estimated population of Mexican immigrants in Texas and New Mexico: 500,000. Of those, 25% have running water and 20% are connected to a sewer; prevalent diseases; cholera, dysentery, hepatitis, dengue fever.

: 4. Shannon County, North Dakota. Unemployment rate: 90% death rate from alcoholism: 9 times the US average. Average yearly income (1996): $3,417. US Government recently cut housing aid to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation by two-thirds.

: : Your comment about anti-intellectualism on my part? Not exactly accurate. I like and respect real intellectuals, not phony ones that espouse communism/socialism/collectivism/georgism/Liberation Theology. For those 'intellectuals' I can only wish for them a nice Maoist style collective somewhere.

: Ah. So, to be an "intellectual", you have to think and act the same as Frenchy, eh? - and anyone who doesn't think the same way as you do isn't a real intellectual. I think some people might disagree with you on that one.

: What a shame Bill Hicks isn't around any more. That man could really sum up Reagan in a few well-chosen words...

: Farinata.

Nice work Farinata, you just proved my point. Pick and choose the exact precise data that you need to 'prove' your thesis. Wow, man, I'm impressed! Well, this Farinata dude knows what he's talking about! Must be a intelekthul. Prob'ly went all the way t'the 18th. grade!
Yet, in spite of your superior brain-power, Cubans still come here in leaky home-built boats, knowing before they start they may not make it. Their experiences with the sort of government you and your ilk propose mean nothing though.
Ditto illegal immigrants from Mexico, another third world banana republic that is a wonderful place to be from.
I had to laugh at your dopey comparison of TB rates between Kenya and the US. Gawd, is there no depth to which your ilk will not stoop?
Anyways, you can say what you want about RR. One RR will always be the equivilant of ten thousand phony intellectuals. Which proves that humans are not inherently equal after all is said and done.
PS. From which colleges did you graduate? Are you a professor?

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