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Bill Hicks, Clinton supporter?

Posted by: frenchy on September 27, 1999 at 01:42:04:

In Reply to: Meet the real news, Frenchy. posted by Farinata on September 20, 1999 at 02:42:03:

: : : Do you have any exmaple of where this worked at ensuring a better standrd of living for the majority of epopel. even one?

: :
: : Yeah, a place called the U.S.A., the economy took off in the early eighty's and is still going great guns. Had something to do with the Reagan tax cuts.

: 1. The infant mortality rate per capita is lower in Havana than it is in Washington D.C.

: 2. 15 million Americans were suffering from T.B. in 1997; the rate of infection per year is lower in Kenya (22,930) than it is in the U.S. (26,000).

: 3. Estimated population of Mexican immigrants in Texas and New Mexico: 500,000. Of those, 25% have running water and 20% are connected to a sewer; prevalent diseases; cholera, dysentery, hepatitis, dengue fever.

: 4. Shannon County, North Dakota. Unemployment rate: 90% death rate from alcoholism: 9 times the US average. Average yearly income (1996): $3,417. US Government recently cut housing aid to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation by two-thirds.

: : Your comment about anti-intellectualism on my part? Not exactly accurate. I like and respect real intellectuals, not phony ones that espouse communism/socialism/collectivism/georgism/Liberation Theology. For those 'intellectuals' I can only wish for them a nice Maoist style collective somewhere.

: Ah. So, to be an "intellectual", you have to think and act the same as Frenchy, eh? - and anyone who doesn't think the same way as you do isn't a real intellectual. I think some people might disagree with you on that one.

not at all my fine friend, but the reality is that knowledge is often used expediantly, to serve a specific purpose. Propaganda may be the right word. Those who glorify socialism, I'm afraid are part of that effort, particularly given the massive failures of socialism.
(Yeah, I know, real, real, real socialism hasn't been tried yet..)

: What a shame Bill Hicks isn't around any more. That man could really sum up Reagan in a few well-chosen words...

: Farinata.

Bill Hicks, Clinton supporter?

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