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effective demand of one?

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on September 27, 1999 at 01:42:51:

In Reply to: Capitalism represses choices posted by Deep Dad Nine on September 20, 1999 at 03:03:24:

: DDN: This would be a good point if competitors were free to offer substantialy different choices in most markets and consumers were consequently free to vote with their dollar. But neither is the case anymore than an inmate in a state prison is free to have whatever he wants for dinner each night. This is "the big lie" pro-capitalists seem unable to rise above

It isnnt a lie, its a frustration!

i.e. that economies like U.S. are "FREE" markets. They are far far far from free. If they were free I'd be able to purchase any one of a number of vehicles that ran on something other than fossil fuels,

Would you though? I mean you can - if you can exchange to the value of having one developed and built for you especially. Dont expect it to be the same price as a dodge neon though. Now if there was a potential demand from hundreds of thousands to buy non fossil fuel cars then developments would come. But there isnt, small niche makts have been selling electric cars in some small areas -let it grow until the city car is more regular, then the tech develops etc etc.

In other words for you to have the above choice someone else must have done all the work in providing it. if they dont its because they dont think its worth it to them. either make it worth it to them or develop your own car and go from there.

:The availabilty of choices in a given market is controlled via our government by whomever has the dominant share of that market.

I'm glad you appreciate the true nature of all coercive monopolies.

: degenerate into a mind cotrolled totalitarian state

hmmmm. sounds too 60's TV plot to me.

Also the fallacy that your gain must be my loss. Wealth isnt a static pot, it grows - otherwise we would still be living as non tool using animals.

:There's plenty of food for all 6 billion of us.

Shame people like to eat different things in different places in different ways then, 'shame' that like the car choice someone has to work to provide these choices and will only do so if its worth it to them.

: Most people in the U.S. spend their lives laboring to make junk so that they can afford to replace the junk they've already purchased with newer junk. "Lucy, eeets so reediculus."

thats interesting, there is a reason, like the above food one. people want it.

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