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Ode to Socialism

Posted by: Stuart Gort ( USA ) on September 27, 1999 at 01:52:21:

In Reply to: Human Nature posted by Barry Stoller on September 15, 1999 at 23:52:33:

: Once it was said that the stars
: decreed the course of every life
: Then it was said God himself
: determined people's weal and strife
: Now we've come to modern times
: when science has replaced the soul
: And human nature, experts say,
: holds our lives in its control;

>What science could you allude to?
>What knowledge has accrued to
>a man so fatally imbrued
>as to turn his back on Truth?

: Now if a doctor throws you out
: of his office 'cause you're poor
: Don't denounce free enterprise
: if you are suffering and sore;

>But aren't the days so very long gone
>since the encroaching socialized storm
>scooped up those men who were on their own
>and placed them all in soft, warm homes?

>I doubt this doctor threw him out.
>You see, the man had terrible gout
>from living off the fattening largess
>of a burgeoning egalitarian mess.

>He wasn't thrown out because he never got there.
>He hasn't the strength to get out of his chair.
>Too tired to move and too weak kneed,
>he suffers from socialized atrophy.

: If your landlord evicts you
: because you can't pay up what's due
: Don't curse private property
: or what your boss is paying you;

>Instead perhaps curse your own failure to plow
>the rich land that is under your feet right now.
>Curse your inertia. Curse your enabler.
>Then get out and put some earned bread on the table.

: Blame it on human nature
: That arbiter of behavior;

: Now if you're working a shit job
: although you have two Ph.D's
: Don't impugn the free market
: for making brains commodities;

>Of course, time pondering Marxist gyrations
>is poorly spent in capitalist nations.
>If your thesis dissected some communist jerk
>it's no wonder right now you are looking for work.

: If the products you consume
: have chemicals that make you sick
: Don't regulate big industry
: 'cause laissez faire is organic;

>It's better rather to pine away
>for a simpler, cleaner yesterday.
>But because we accept this can't be true,
>a massive regulatory burden will do.

: Blame it on human nature
: That arbiter of behavior;

: Chorus: Human nature, so they say,
: is fixed and irreversible
: So don't ever dare question
: the dominance of capital;

>No Barry, please tell me it's not true
>and all history has been misconstrued.
>I know that altruistic piety
>will one day transform man into deity

>But really now, hasn't uncle Joe
>shown us what we already know
>about man and his capability
>to evolve beyond what he is presently?

: Now if your children dodge bullets
: everyday when they're at school
: Don't protest the gun lobby
: 'cause money is the golden rule;

>And don't try to place blame on the heart of man.
>After all, he's only doing what he can
>to live out a story he saw on the news
>by spraying a schoolyard with a stolen Uzi

>Don't blame him because his environment
>controls his steps - his every movement.
>If we get all those guns, we'll clean up the 'hood
>and we'll pat our own backs for doing such good.

>But do tell - will it be a far smaller crime
>if the kid kills his schoolmates one at a time
>with a baseball bat or a pointed stick?
>Do firearms make this fellow sick?

: If you find yourself homeless
: 'cause your job's made inutile
: Don't join the Socialist Party
: 'cause making profits is primal;

>Just find you a box or go sponge off your neighbor.
>Just live off the fruits of another man's labor.
>When your skills have all become antiquated
>just toss in the towel and call yourself dated.

: Blame it on human nature
: That arbiter of behavior;

: Now if they reinstate the draft
: and send you over to Iraq
: Don't gainsay Standard and Shell
: if land mines blow apart your back;

>Right! What is the purpose of all this toil?
>I mean we are only talking about oil.
>Who needs it, we'll get us a simpler life
>and stop the rat race and stop the strife.

>We'll get us a frying pan and a tent.
>We'll have no car and pay no rent.
>All we will need is food and water.
>Who cares if we're the next tyrant fodder?

: If your pension disappears
: with Wall Street's latest bad gamble
: Don't overthrow the government
: 'cause greed is biological;

>And don't wail when it becomes evident
>that your Socialist Security has all been spent
>and the last 60 years every person alive
>saw the S&P growing 10.5!

>Don't weep when you see your FICA funds
>could have made you several millions
>if all you did was invest weekly
>in Vanguard which tracks the S&P.

>Just rejoice that the New Deal was a pretense
>and assuming your lack of common sense
>took the fruit of your labor away from you
>to buy the votes of who knows who.

>Be glad that a permanent underclass
>now exists in a beneficent morass,
>trained well in the art of the outstretched hand
>and proliferates well throughout this land.

Blame it all on government saviors
and the engineering of human behaviors.

Stuart Gort

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