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God and capitalism

Posted by: Jason ( USA ) on September 27, 1999 at 01:58:20:

In Reply to: this type of altruism supersedes economic order posted by Lark on August 24, 1999 at 12:24:52:

: Tom Paine who wrote the rights of man, which is a lot better than your constitution, did declare that the right to property was sacrosanct but this declaration was only just rivalled by his militant egalitarianism.

Um, English please? It's nice that you know lots of big words... are you a lawyer?:)

: :America is the most powerful nation in the world because it is capitalist, and because its creation was directly influenced by God. Believe it or not, God is a capitalist.

: I hope to hell he isnt or there's going to be trouble when I get to heaven and find that contrary to the teachings of christ God has went on and established an unfair distribution of wealth and inequality.

Since when was wealth all that mattered in our lives? If an individual's value can be summed up by his or her possessions, that's too bad for 98% of us! I guess you haven't been to church in a while, so I'll update you on something: in God's eyes, we are all EQUAL. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are sinners just like you and me. Considering there is no wealth in heaven as we know it on Earth, there is no capitalism, or socialism, or other perfect socio-economic systems with big words, people's names, hyphens, and always "ism" at the end.

As for the teachings of Christ, he taught us to use wealth responsibly and to use it for the benefit of others rather than selfishly. Considering how God is more powerful than any government or leader, he can move wealth around any way he wants. So why doesn't God spread the wealth evenly? Why are we not all 6'4", perfect weight, same skin color and religion, same personality, tastes for music and art, on and on? Well, the world would be pretty damn boring!:) If I could really answer that question though, my name would have to be Jesus Christ.

: P.S. Lone Rationalist? A rationalist generally wouldnt believe in God let alone invoke his name as proof of argument.

Yes, that's true. If it were possible to rationally have faith in God, it wouldn't be faith anymore.

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