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Can you dance to it?

Posted by: Stoller on September 28, 1999 at 12:21:33:

In Reply to: a dialectic casualty posted by Dr. Cruel on September 27, 1999 at 01:48:20:

Better rhymes than Stuart's but the message is cloudier. Many fragmentary points in a jumble of over heated accusations. Of course, that is a standard debating tactic. (So is misrepresenting your opponent's points.) Let's look at a few.

: The past is bunk - a lot of junk
We'll rewrite history!

Any one familiar with Marx would never make this claim of socialists.

: Hospital rooms for one and all
Though some are filled with rats...

Ever been outside of the U.S.? A hospital in Denmark---or one in the Philippines?: Your choice.

: Now we the small - A job for all!
At "Victory Cement"

This is elitism. Something wrong with physical labor, Doc, or do you just like to appropriate it's fruits?

: How nutrient rich, the people's swill
Half rations are just dandy.

Ayn Rand, when confronted with the unsavory truth regarding the enormous human cost of the early Industrial Revolution, had the habit of saying 'but Capitalism inherited poverty'---but she'd never allow a communist to make the same claim. Do you know what the average living conditions were like in counties like Russia and China before their revolutions? ... Dandy, just dandy.

: Worry not! Your right to shirk...

Let me get this straight. In communist countries, average workers get to shirk? Or are you just referring to the 'Great Society' program of buying off (at a very cheap rate) the revolutionary potential of the poor during a precarious time for capital? See my response to Stuart for more on the (tired) 'communism=laziness' thesis.

: Don't raise an angry thought
Lest the Cheka has you caught...

Now when communists act against shirkers, you object!

: At Tiannamen the children ran...

Now, hasn't SDF clobbered you enough times over the vile misrepresentation of 'state capitalist' regimes posing as communist republics?

: And when your pensions disappear
At socialism's fall
Why, fret not! For did you fail to hear?
Corporations took it all

You seem to be oblivious to what has been happening in Russia.

---But can you dance to it?

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