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The Greens in the UK are a bunch of benevolent tories.

Posted by: Lark on September 28, 1999 at 16:25:30:

In Reply to: Quack posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on September 28, 1999 at 12:33:38:

: SDF: There is something to be said for "poor relief," that it is better than mass starvation.

Aye but what I was saying is that even while they'd love to militant tories etc. can't reinstate the poorhouse or labour camp as social policy without committing political suicide right? Well that is progress, the fact is the assault on the welfare state and sensible planning was made possible by the fact that this reform was not appreciated by the public at all, they hadn't actually fought tooth and nail for it, now they're that demoralised that they won't fight in such a setting to rail against moderation is a bit stupid altogether.

:Otherwise, I think the thing about "waiting for Godot" was a debate between me and Red Deathy about the merits of W.S.M vs. the merits of the Green Party, whom RD thinks is a bunch of reformers and possibilists (though he admits there are some Marxists in the ranks).

Oh, aye, I knew that was what it was about but I lept in because I regard this puesdo-radical attack on other parties, largely just because they are other parties, as incredibly negative.

:For my part, I don't think RD gave a serious answer when I challenged him with the Calhoun quote I repeated here.

I'd agree there, maybe he was just trying to impress upon some people that he was a sincere libertarian/sufficiently anarchist to support no variety of "statism"?

Funny though that a Marxist should rail against people calling him utopian when we all know it was Engels who started that.

:We do not live in the era of the First International any more. Let's deal with it.

With you man, the greens are a bunch of fairly fine socialists anyway in my opinion and liked the article in the other room that you posted, RD was more than likely operating with the impression that the Greens in the UK where a good reflection of the greens everywhere.

The Greens in the UK are a bunch of benevolent tories.

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