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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on September 30, 1999 at 17:11:09:

In Reply to: Integrity of Capitalism posted by R Rockliff on September 30, 1999 at 16:07:05:

: ROCKLIFF: "Kerala is no utopia (and India certainly is not one), but life in Kerala, if not as luxurious as life in the United States, is certainly less dehumanizing." India - R Rockliff, September 17 1999
: http://www.mcspotlight.org/debate/capitalism/messages/8208.html

: CARTER: "Contributors to this board have sought to provide evidence that socialism can work on the basis of statistics about several socialist states - particularly Kerala in India. In fact, this region has been put forward as an example of some sort of Socialist Eutopia." Kerala and statistics - Darcy Carter, UK, September 27 1999
: http://www.mcspotlight.org/debate/capitalism/messages/8244.html

: According to capitalist ethics, if by lying one can sell more hamburgers, more automobiles, and more ideas, then lying it will be.

I'm not sure the post somehow summerizes the 'evils of capitalism' but the point with Carter is well taken.

Incidently - "less dehumanizing", to whom and by whose standard? Would 'dehumanized" Americans desire to live as people do in Kerala? If not then why not? Should we question what "less dehumanizing" means?

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