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Posted by: Kweassa ( The Great March ) on October 01, 1999 at 10:56:55:

In Reply to: A technology based Marxist revival? posted by Dehno on September 30, 1999 at 11:11:18:

That is an interesting question. In order to answer that, you would have to look up to the Marxist analysis of how the capitalist system works. Since I have no intention of quoting those long long pages, it would go like this:

According to Marx, the capitalist system is not about HOW much wealth or how much products can be technically produced, but it is about HOW those things are to be distributed. Since the working class are deprived of the means of production, and since those means are monopolized and privatized by the capitalists, no matter how much products a new technology would produce, these belong to the capitalists only. Since the capitalist system of commerce reallocates the wealth created by the workers injustly, still the workers would remain as "proletariats" - meaning 'owning nothing' in latin.

Suppose nobody in the future needs to WORK anymore. Imagine all the work done by super intellgent robots. Would that bring about "Heaven on Earth"? Hardly, since the capitalists still own the means if production, the outcome of production also belongs to them. Now if this happens, you'll have to pray for good conscience and hope the capitalists are willing to donate their riches to the society.

Marxism is an analysis to capitalism.
If capitalism is alive, ironically, so is Marxism.

Since it was never dead, there wouldn't be any need for a revival, would there?

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