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World Ronnie-Kicking Day II

Posted by: Frenchy on October 01, 1999 at 10:59:44:

Farinata informs us in his post of Sept. 27, titled World Ronnie-Kicking Day, that Ronald Reagan tried to join the Communist Party in '37 but was judged as a flake by the comrades and too stupid to be a Communist.

This from Edmund Morris' biographer of RR; "Reagan's legacy includes a liberated American economy, the disappearance of the Soviet Union, a renewed American spirit and 'a new critical attitude to the concept of government as provider...All this can be traced directly to Ronald Reagan.'"

Not to shabby for a guy who is too stupid to join the Communist Party, eh?

In the same article; "Americans of a certain strata-intellectuals and the press-had a hard time understanding Reagan. ("And he didn't care. "Reagan couldn't give a damn what Harvard thought of him.")

Ahh, yes, the intellektuals.......

From the Sept.30 Thursday USA TODAY Life section; cover story Reading, writing 'Reagan'(Author's 14-year project chronicles extraordinary life)

Anybody want me to pick up a shake? Double cheese-burger? Fries? I'll be back. hehehehe

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