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I can empathise.

Posted by: Lark on October 01, 1999 at 11:28:23:

In Reply to: bet it was lapped up posted by Gee on September 30, 1999 at 13:38:27:

: Same stigma if your get called 'conservative' - depends of the company you keep see? Wouldn't dare enter an east coast university with a texan accent or an Alaskan number plate.

I can empathise.

: : I mean just look at Frenchy's scratch a liberal and you'll find a facist remark.

: Thats because lots of people who sell themselves as liberal are actually very illiberal and intolerant.

And the same goes for conservatism, when the people elected Thatcher in Britain the thought they were getting the one nation conservatism of the Keynesian Conservatives of the postwar era not some free market nightmare, it's rebounded on the tories now but.

: : P.S. I think Blair was actually attacking socialists within his own party with the Progressive Vs. Conservative remark, he likes to think he's progressive because he trusts capitalists and wants a cuddly libertarianism instead of the harsh reality of Thatchers community bashing police state and "free" market.

: Ah, well I wouldnt know the ins and ous quite. Although in the same speech he did refer to 'libertarian nonsense' and attack civil libertariasn with a bit of high horse moralising.

Authoritarianism goes down well in Britain, it's a very rightwing and vengeful society, however given the situation in Britain, having studied social policy for like two years, the strange mix of harsh, soft, soft, harsh treatment of anti-social behaviour, particularly among the young, has created a situation in which effective libertarianism is impossible violent behaviour is rampant.

There's an apolitical but very active racism in Britain too, which serves to create violence an alienation in just about everyone so libertarianism is remote and deceptive as a social policy at present.

: bet it was lapped up.

Speech to the rabble Gee, I doubt if you've never heard a libertarian speech that slags of Socialists as totalitarian loving fools and found yourself in agreement.

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