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Even Rand went off him

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on October 01, 1999 at 12:09:20:

In Reply to: World Ronnie-Kicking Day II posted by Frenchy on October 01, 1999 at 10:59:44:

I can see you like the RR. Fine, shame though that he didnt really decrease taxes and regulations that much, and that he slipped some silly military projects a few extra dollar bills which would have been better shaved off productive americans.

If he gets points its that he was a) better than Carter, b) better than Clinton (easy one I guess) and c) more fun than Bush (also easy).

Presidents are fun.

"Although a butt of jokes by the anointed, Coolidge was the last President of the Century who was within shouting distance of exercising truly responsible and Constitutional government. He knew what his job was supposed to be and said so in plain and direct language -- rarely quoted by the historians who despise his Jeffersonian sense of government and his Calvinist sense of morality"

"Although still ranking high in the estimation of most American historians, Wilson was a fool, a bigot, and a failure. The first Southerner (and only the second Democrat) elected President since the Civil War, Wilson immediately set out, purging black postmasters, to bring Southern Segregationism into the Federal government"

And in support of your point - just for you -

"Ronald Reagan was one of the better Presidents of the Century. The hardest thing for the media elite, the political classes, and the intelligentsia to accept about this bitter truth is that Reagan often appeared ignorant and confused. When he later came down with Alzheimer's Disease, many figured that he had actually suffered from it for years. It was galling that some second rate, nitwit actor could outwit the Wise and the Anointed and get elected President twice. Of course, they also figured that it was all an act, though how Reagan could be a second rate actor in the movies and a first rate actor in politics was a little confusing."

From a history text. The kind you wouldnt get in a public school.

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