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Through a glass darkly

Posted by: bill on October 03, 1999 at 19:37:24:

In Reply to: Barry Lovers posted by Stuart Gort on October 01, 1999 at 11:18:19:


:In my paradigm, "surplus value" does not exist.

I'm sure we all like to create paradigms that provide 'moral' cover.
I had all sorts of rationalizations when I had employees. It was MY brilliant idea. It was My initiative, My visualization, My sweat and tears getting it off the ground, My education,...it was, in a word...ME. I was King Shit. For every employee I hired, I made more bucks. It was Their labor not Mine that I used to recapitalize. And when I sold the business it was Me that got the 5 years royalties - Not the emplyees. In a word, for a small period of my life and on a small scale I played the game. It sucks.

:When hiring each employee, the employee and I agreed to trade money for labor.

This does not make surplus labor disappear.

:Both parties agreed to the contract and each party was free to accept or reject the contract.

Yes...in a country that is designed to operate 'most efficiently' when there are a minimum of several million unemployed, (adjustments insured by Alan Greenspan) the unemployed are perfactly 'free' to reject a 'contract'.

:There was no surplus to negotiate.

Oh yes there was.

:The concept of surplus value is formed in order to synthesize a moral
argument in favor of collectivists.

No...more likely is the idea that collectives develop from moral arguments about the expropriation of surplus labor.

:This structure has grown to include the moral imperative of theft of property and reparations to a disenfranchised "proletariat".

Without input as to disposition of this surplus it is either theft or totalitarianism, or both.

:This is such an amazing dissociation from the day to day relationships people have with each other in this country.

It is not amazing in a culture conditioned to accept a musical chairs world in which 8 people are forced to fight for 5 offered chairs.

:I reject it out of hand.

So what else is new.

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