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digitally speaking?

Posted by: bill on October 04, 1999 at 18:33:04:

In Reply to: me binary? posted by Gee on October 04, 1999 at 11:09:57:

::Erm, major factual problem here. The san of soutehrn Africa, and the Pygmies, today's prototypical exampels of hunter-gathering societies, spent only 3 hours a day frogaing fro food and doing otehr necessary things for survival;

:Look where they live and compare with eskimos and desert dwelling people.

The same is true of the !Kung in the Kalihari desert. (They also have a life expectancy of nearly 70 years)

:Can you link some evidence for leisure time - i see so much conflicting stuff.

They spend most of their time singing and gossiping. (See - "Limited Wants, Unlimited Means")


:: How, then, can you claim that science would not ahve advanced without teh profit motive?

:I didnt argue it. I did argue that said medicines wouldnt get anywhere without the profit motive to encourage people to develop masses of needles, pills and distribution networks. A scientists who sneers at this as 'below him' condemns his discovery to waste.

Nor should distribution necessarily require a profit motive. Look at the World Wide Web - the inventor chose NOT to make it proprietory. Unfortunately (unless you have a taste for it) it has generated a lot of spam.


If everybody gets to do what they like, but there is relatively slow "progress", is that worse than most people doing what they Don't like to do, but achieving "fast progress"?

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