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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on October 07, 1999 at 15:11:43:

In Reply to: Corporates and businesses posted by lark on October 06, 1999 at 13:35:22:

: But shouldn't I have the right to bad mouth something if I want provided I'm not causing harm to anyone or inciting it my angst should be a God given right, natural right, prole right etc.

Like going up to you and saying 'hey you racist, so you slept with his wife, where did you keep that gold again? you live alone huh? your number is xxxx, hey look you had that guys daughter, why did you call him a nigger anway etc etc'?

Bad mouthing? Where is the line?

: The "right to self defense" isnt something I love, we have it here in sudden death mode where paramilitaries make pre-emptive

This isnt sefl defence.

: In your philosophy, there's more things in heaven and earth than in your philosophy, competition leads to more savage competition, what your saying is that by choice people should restrict this competition,

No, simply that one observe the things I have said many times about negative rights

: Rethink their demands?! Why do you empathise with business?!

I am empathising with those other 1000 workers who are being held back by the strikers.

: Read about the case of a man who was convicted for major, major fraud in the US and his excuse was that he couldn't stand the dishonour of being only tenth richist and most powerful person in the world, that kind of selfishness and lack of scrupiles disgusts me and it's idealised by so many market hacks like you.


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