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Not defending liberty and the free will then?

Posted by: Lark on October 07, 1999 at 17:24:52:

In Reply to: thats because I attack statism posted by Gee on October 07, 1999 at 15:10:34:

: : Your LOVE of property and it's system of freewill denying logic

: Eh?

You see Property as the basis of Capitalism and Capitalisms faults can be excused becasue it is the only system which guarantees property rights, even when those faults include the denial of freewill on an individual, social, national or international scale.

I'm not disagreeing with property, I am a bit selfish about books for instance, but I am disagreeing with the philosophy, the system of logic, that has become an outgrowth, I cant understand the property is theft position (it's poetic granted and brilliant in it's day) in this day and age after all Capitalist logic is leading to the theft of property from the poorest and dumbist.

: : manifests itself in a dreadful complacency in the face of machvellian tactics far worse than the state more often than not.

: I'm pretty aware of what companies can do. Recall my discussion with RD concerning Bhopal.

I dont see any original posts or any battles with the naive company worshipping libertarians, just check out my posts and you'll find a battle against wrongful 'Socialism' and authoritarianism.

: Companies nor indivuals are exempt from principle.

Glad to hear it, let's see it.

: : As I've said before I dont see you attacking Capitalism at all, or the bad varients,

: bad varients are usually acts of national imperialism, as often described by Nikhil which are unrelated to private property.

The logic of property once more, how is it so incredible for you Gee to see that the flaws in Capitalism like the championing of self-interest etc. lead to companies etc. behaving as they do, it's no accident and the state often plays a secondary role.

: There is no double standard

I suspect there is, forgive me but I do.

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