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leaping to confusions

Posted by: bill on October 08, 1999 at 10:37:08:

In Reply to: Arbitrarily labelling things has never benefited anyone posted by lark on October 07, 1999 at 16:50:27:

Reincerting-[: Fuk all the parties, you make the revolution for yourself.]

: : By masturbating?

: Excuse me?!

OK so I was flip...sorry. My interpretation (mis-interpretation) of: "you make the revolution for yourself" was a call for personal transformation and as such seemed to be a put-down of the the original post (concern for social transformation).

: : : If you want a job done right do it yourself, now if your investing in some cause you have yet to make your life a cause worth investing in.

: :
: : ?? Please explain before I arbitrarily label it as nonsense.

: Arbitrarily labelling things has never benefited anyone and it damages freedom by encouraging prejudice and cultivating the closed mind.


: I'll spell it out:

: People who dont see injustice, even that carried out in their name or to others, as having any implication to them regardless of ideology, party, nation or imagined cause are going to approximate to ideology etc. because of stupid things like the wish to lose your identity in a herd and be lead.


: It's done nothing but poision good work.

Yup again.

: : (for example, On what basis do we judge the "worth" (or worthlesness) to an individual of a "cause" (aim, goal, etc.)

: Now you may clarify, I'd have thought it obvious.

Sorry...it's not obvious to me.

It's hard to discuss this without knowing the original poster's frame of mind which you seem to have placed in the 'sheeple' catagory. You personally may be 'enlightened' through 'individual' effort. If that is your sole "cause" "goal" or "aim", then socialism may be quite irrelevant.

(unless you decide that socialism would best enable this self-transformation - in which case you might feel the need for collective effort - sometimes located in a political party)

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