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Is Warren Buffet a fool?

Posted by: Quincunx on October 08, 1999 at 10:38:53:

In Reply to: He sounds like a fool posted by Gee on October 07, 1999 at 15:10:43:

G: He sounds like a fool. McD's culture of conformity, assuming it follows these words, would be dreadful to me. There are many more companies who try to avoid unthinking conformity - its no good for generating new ideas and solutions you see.

: Given the above on its own, I wouldnt advise you to buy McD stock.

Qx: Ahh...this is really interesting and it's actually worth a new thread all by itself. Warren Buffet bought a bunch of McD's stock a while back (Dairy Queen too). He looks for a consumer monopoly and that's what McSpotlight is against.

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