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Posted by: Kweassa ( the Great March ) on October 08, 1999 at 11:01:37:

In Reply to: Dictatorships... posted by KingkyNautiboi on October 07, 1999 at 10:47:28:

Virtually all the countries under the equator in Africa, that has a history of continuous civil war, is under dictatorship. While the major cities are under the rule of dictators, the outskirts are ruled by rebellious warlords who are just as bad.

Latin America has a history of long long dictatorships, but they do seem to be getting better.

Of course, the recently busted Suharto, through a US-sponsored military coup, ruled for about 30 years in Indonesia. Though Suharto kissed the throne good-bye, the military leader Wiranto(Uiranto, Wuiranto.. damn, what's his name?) still has enough political power, backed by military might, to threaten Habibie. Indonesia's still unstable, under the long influence of dictatorship.

Singapore is virtually a dictatorship.

I'm not sure about Milosevic and the Balkan countries.

Oh yes, lat but not the least, the ever infamous Kim Jung-il of North Korea.

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