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hip hip ho-fu**ing-ray

Posted by: Simon Canwell ( England ) on October 08, 1999 at 12:09:29:

In Reply to: Ain't capitalism grand? posted by DrCruel on March 25, 1999 at 11:29:29:

Capitalism is much much better than communism as the freedom is there not just socially but in buisness. The "Capitalist exploiters" though can be just that as in Capitalism the suits play god. It is like one FU**ING computer game to them if it goes wrong: oh dear we will have to lay off another 10000 workers just to protect our back accounts and if it works hip hip ho-fu**ing-ray for us we get rich and the workers get sh*t. I'm not a communist but I am scared shitless of living in a world run by sh*t for brains suits like Rupert Merdoch and muhummed al-fayed. These people are not only worse than polititions (they need to help people to succeed) they are worse than the Devil himself, if they become God I will personally commit suicide.

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