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Rotation is equal pay

Posted by: Stoller on October 10, 1999 at 17:01:10:

In Reply to: Why we work posted by bill on October 08, 1999 at 10:39:49:

: You have suggested job rotation. (I have suggested a single (or limited range) pay/hr. for any employment - from hotel maid to brain surgeon).

Job rotation, if widespread, would naturally equalize wages. It won't matter if skilled work is more 'valuable' than unskilled in a society where everyone is expected to share both. And the main reason to insure that everyone does share both is...

: Job rotation has the advantage that it would provide a more intimate and experiential understanding of work conditions by a vastly larger population (with greater likelihood of change in lousy situations).

Especially if job rotation included all state and local administration! If I, today's administrator, must put in my day at the factory tomorrow, I will not likely advocate grueling hours or work conditions (or recompense) for the factory work. Rotation would keep me honest. As a matter of fact, rational self-interest (the great buzzword of the libertarian!) would guarantee such honesty.

: Here we see two conflicting values at work.

: One values the active and personally creative self-expression such as starting a business. the delight is in the work, the process.

: The other values "realizing gain" as the measure of success. The "reward" lies external to the work. Self-identification becomes solely dependent on tangible external evaluations constructed by an economic system, which define "I am a success" with the necessary understanding that "I am a success" must depend upon "You as a relative failure". And in order to be comfortable about those that 'fail', it is of course necessary to place the blame external to the system - such as an individual's laziness.

Beautifully said.

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