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Posted by: Stuart Gort ( USA ) on October 10, 1999 at 17:10:49:

In Reply to: Actually, Barry, greater detail would be good posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on October 08, 1999 at 11:00:12:

:: SDF: It's like saying that beggars have access to money.

Yeah, Sam. Call workers beggars. That's gonna work.

:: Now your petty bourgeois perspective is out in the open. And now you know why I advocate the abolition of your bloodsucking, reactionary class!

You and ten other guys, Barry. That's what entertains me so much about you guys. I'm looking into an enigma. A handful of academics clinging to increasingly esoteric dogma and refusing to acknowledge any of the obvious successes of the economic system they revile. This is sport for me.

: SDF: I'm waiting for a follow-up to THIS one...

See above. That was it.

:: SDF: Dictatorship, to its advocates, is always "dictatorship by me". If I were dictator, I would show all of the advocates of dictatorship what "dictatorship by somebody else" is REALLY like.

Funny how you guys use words. When a successful businessman operating in a capitalist system hires employees he becomes a dictator. What do we call the state when the collective hires employees?

:: More of your 50-year scheme! Who was talking about pie in the sky?

Well, the Bolshevik revolution began in 1917. It created a collectivist state which crumbled in 1989 when the Berlin wall started coming down. 72 years of failure I'd say! Now, if the S&P has averaged 10.5% growth for 60 years (and it certainly, unequivocally, and inarguably has) I know where my money belongs. You may still not want to participate in the expansion of the world's most productive economy but that is a choice you make. But when you promote collectivist systems over this kind of consistant performance, which would produce wealth for any person who can scrape up some kind consistant savings every week and invest long term, I know you really aren't altruistic at all. You're only charlatan intellectuals who would rather ignore the truth of an issue rather than face giving up your pet ideals.

:: SDF: I'm waiting for the explanation of how the 50-year schemes get around THIS hurdle...

I'll buy stock in bio-fuels and do just fine. It's amazing just how many very creative people there are out there who can do wonderful things with capital.

:: I was in the process of evaluating various employee [health] programs available to me as a small business but since you made me feel like a feudal lord for considering their well being maybe I'll just give that up for a new moat.

:: Is that supposed to be funny? Pray your workers never hear such words!

:: SDF: It shouldn't be too difficult to track down Stuart Gort's employers and send them a copy of the above... what's that saying, "put your money where your mouth is..."

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Stuart Gort

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