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if everyone was a budding individualist there wouldnt be the problem?

Posted by: Lark on October 11, 1999 at 13:04:06:

In Reply to: odd posted by Gee on October 07, 1999 at 15:11:31:

: It strikes many as more of a result of forcing 2000 individuals together in a 'community' with which their relationship is neither revocable nor provisional.

Twist it into an individualist problem if you want Gee but isnt it obvious that if everyone was a budding individualist there wouldnt be the problem? If those two killers at Columbine had been as you suggest anti-"community" they could have simply avoided school altogether instead of joining a "community" or tribe, the goths, and then engaging in an ultimately violent struggle for group/tribe supremacy.

:Combined with what many people see as a deliberate anti-intelligence culture (whose source is discussed by Barry Stoller, in striking parallel to many libertarians ironically, see also Borgs post about state education and Dewey) who places 'jockness' above mental ability, who makes uniform the standards of 'success' and derides everything outside that.

Fair enough.

: : What is far more worrying is that the underclass has demonstrated that their oppression leads them to further subdivided and ape their masters in trying to fight and oppress each other, take the racial sub divides.

: Odd, an Englishman once told me "there is no one more bigotted and intolerant of non comformity than the working class" - I wondered what he meant. Perhaps this is connected.

Which working class would that be, the black one, the jewish one, the catholic one etc. etc.? I think that illustrates my point that they are apt to divide so that they wont be oppressed or as oppressed or will have the opportunity to oppress someone else too.

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