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if anyone has created contradictions that dont exist

Posted by: lark on October 11, 1999 at 15:33:33:

In Reply to: you insist on seeing a contradiction where none exists. posted by Frenchy on October 10, 1999 at 17:32:06:

: The contradiction may seem insurmountable to you, but that's only because you insist on seeing a contradiction where none exists. It helps to support your political views.

Listen, if anyone has created contradictions that dont exist to support their views in this debate room it has been the capitalists and their accusations that even the most liberal democracy is complete tyranny and reluctance to differentiate between dictatorship and democracy. My views where forged in the white heat of reality Mr. I was an out and out statist but participation in the working environment demonstrated to me that in the frontline workers can be happy with thier wages it is the Power, Absolute Power, of the manager and the denial of free will and individual identity of the worker by that manager that is terrible.

This is real, if you've been able to miraculously avoid a situation where you've ever been subordinate long enough to realise that it's a living hell then your blessed but dont accuse me of inventing situations to suit my beliefs.

: The contradiction that I find puzzling the synthesis between Catholicism and Marxism. You add equal amounts of two thousand years of monotheistic theology with equal amounts of atheistic materialism and presto-chango! Liberation Theology!
: Oh, well, whatever spins your prop......

You obviously know absolutely nothing about liberation theology if you see it as a sythesis of these two without a change in either, the ideology is far more of a product of the bible than of Marx, if you consider Proudhon he was a precursor of liberation theology, his book "What is Property?" ends with a virtual prayer! The account of Proudhon in "The Un-Marxian Socialist" explains how he had no political education other than the bible which he proof read in his job at a printing press.

The Liberation Theology emerged at a time when Marxism was synominous with Socialism and therefore the confusing union was made, what was intended by the proponents however was unsuffisticated socialism being implemented to accomodate Christian Principles or ethics. Now there I don't see any contradiction perhaps you'd like to demonstrate that to me, perhaps your a member of the so called "christian right".

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