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Yeah, want to be a socialist?

Posted by: Lark on October 11, 1999 at 15:36:05:

In Reply to: reward posted by Gee on October 08, 1999 at 10:36:07:

: Indeed. Or where did yourself and your judgement go when making a 'selfless' act?

So Socialism it would appear is in peoples self interest.

: : I never wanted them and when I discuss the issues, such as the summit of the WTO in the US soon when they will be discussing ways to resind the will of the citizenry in the UK and force the commodification of health care, the abolition of the minimum wage (which is very, very minimum already)

: (minimum wage is a scam anyway - it doesnt do anything)

Right you skipped the whole gist of the post and focus on this. It's not a scam I was being paid less before it was brought in and the employer could easily have paid me more, given that there is more supply than demand for labour it was never going to change without the reform.

: : and the further commodification of education (freedom of education is being gradually abolished because only the privileged can afford it). Now that's force, not very libertarian and people dont like it but due to the idiot culture of the tabloids who are funded by the same capitalists, it's never featured in the news etc. It's not due to consent but guile and cunning.

: Dont blame in on the tabloids - people are controlled robots - they (many) want it and they accept it, thats the fearsome thing.

Maybe but the tabloids play a large part.

: : Agreement Gee I thought I'd never see the day. I presume that you oppose the steamrollering libertarianism of Thatcher, Pinochet and the WTO or the Secret OCED legislation that would have undermined the soveriegnty of nations (and therefore individuals) too?

: Thats libertarianism?

Yeah, want to be a socialist?

: : No I havent and I dont intend to I cant understand why anyone can empathise with business and big money, cola is cola, the millions of brands is waste.

: That wasnt empathy - that was a criticism of the 'controlled masses' fallacy.

Yes?, a fallacy which you thought was perfectly reasonable when applied to public schools.

: : I know but on principle I dont think I should leave, there are other people working there friends, associates and people I can just about recall the name of and they have zilch knowledge of the law or courage and I feel that if I would expect people with superior knowledge in things to assist me then it is the least I could do.

: So you want to stay. ok.

On we go with the Class War.

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